Our technology

With our innovative cloud based management system, we will take at least half of the burdens away from you. Our system will maintain the communication between drivers and customers. The gap will be eliminated.

Our goal is to utilize our advance algorithm with the latest cloud technology to help you solve most of the daily issues and increase revenue. We provide stand alone web application/plugin for your existing website as well as mobile App in both IOS and Android platform so you have the maximum coverage. Also, with our cloud base backend management system, you and your employees will have the freedom to work anyway on the globe.

The latest mobile technology

Our product

Our cloud based management system allow you to manage and track every single driver and booking in your company. You can create a new booking and dispatch it to your desired driver or the closest one.
If you are too busy, just let the system handle everything for you. It's fully automatic. From requesting a ride, process payment, to dispatch a job to a driver. We'll do it for you.

Simple, right? Now, want to become the next Uber/Lyft? We are sure that we can help you to achieve that. Just focus on your business expansion with your next big idea. Let us handle the rest.

How it works for your car service company

Book via App/Web

Your customers are now able to request rides directly from both of your dedicated Web and Mobile Apps. This will eliminate human error and ensure information accuracy. Which will translate into customer satisfaction in long-term.

Collect payment

Our system will help you process payment from your customer securely and seamlessly. Collected fund will then be deposited to your bank account automatically within few days

Auto Dispatch

Once payment is cleared, our advanced auto dispatching system will kick in and do all the work for you. You no longer need to have someone physically dispatch the job. Everything happen seamlessly and automatically.

Company grow

Just relax and watch your company grow. Oh, don't forget to focus on your next big idea on making your business even bigger.


Cabbus is a transportation technology service provider company. Our headquarter is located in downtown Manhattan, New York. Our focus is to provide a complete solution with the latest innovative technology to help both small and mid size car service companies in the US. We want you as the car/limo service company to be able to expand your company into a Uber/Lyft liked company.

Our solution will help you and your company to focus on the business side by taking some of the technical burden away from you. so you can focus on your next marketing plan. We hope to help you become the next giant in the private transportation market. With our advanced technology and geo algorithm, We believe that we will help you run your company more efficiently, smoothly and cost effectively by lowering operating cost and eliminating the communication gap between driver and customer.

  • Latest Technology
    Our team will focus on developing and maintaining all the tools with the latest technology. We want to make sure your company is running at the most efficient way.
  • Ready in mintues
    It only take few minutes to get your company ready. We provide everything you need to run and maintain your car service company.
  • Focus on your business
    With us, your company can grow even faster without worrying about all the little details. We'll do all the hard work to make sure your company runs smoothly.
  • We always listen
    Paying close attention to our client is our primary concern. We listen to every single one of your comments or feedback. We believe this is the only way to make us better to serve you.

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